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Our Story...

Some time in late 2015, after years of sporting a very short hairstyle, I made the seemingly innocent decision to grow my hair. It had been years since I’d had any need for hair product, but I sure needed some now.

I quickly realised that hair products had changed a lot; and not in a good way. The natural, simple hair styling products and subtle fragrances that I had used and loved had vanished. In their place were products with overpowering scents and ingredients more suited to a lab than a bathroom.

So after more than a year of sourcing, blending and refining the formulations, We Three Kings started in Melbourne in early 2017 and we began formulating unisex natural styling waxes in small batches. Initially, we only had two waxes. Fortunately, one of those was Fresh Barber – which has since proven to be a mainstay of our range. 

The early reviews were good, with clients telling us consistently that these natural products smelt, felt and held better than their chemically-based equivalents - and lasted longer. Over time we added new waxes to the range with fragrances that we loved. Fortunately, our clients do too.

A few months later we added a boutique beard oil range and more recently we have added a small selection of coffee and sea salt scrubs. We are currently working on a range of simple, naturally-derived skincare products.

We still make-to-order in small batches and only use naturally-derived ingredients. As an added bonus, our styling waxes in particular have proven to be very helpful for our clients with skin conditions - some of whom had previously given up on using hair products completely.

Now, we ship to every state of Australia and overseas. We still don't use artificial ingredients and we still make every product by hand - with the care that comes from making something that we use ourselves every day.

It turns out that people really like the simplicity and purity of these naturally-derived products. 

We think you might too.