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About Us


So, it seemed like a harmless decision.

In 2017, after years of having a no.1 buzzcut, I grew my hair - and I soon realised that I needed to start using hair (and later beard) products again. 

I quickly came to realise that hair product had changed - a lot. 

The natural simple hair wax products that I had used and loved had vanished. In their place were products full of letters and numbers that sound more at home in a lab than my bathroom cupboard.

And the subtle fragrances were gone too. Anything vaguely wax-based carried strong, unsophisticated, overpowering fragrances.

It wasn’t always like this.

Not that long ago, there were hair waxes with a natural wax base, and hair and beard products made from natural products.

They didn't set like concrete, wash out in the rain or shatter like dust in the wind. They gave you a pliable hold that allowed you to restyle your hair whenever you wanted. All in all, they smelt, felt and held better. 

But I couldn't find them anywhere. So We Three Kings was born - and we set about making hair wax products in that old style. After over a year of tuning the formulas to get the right balance of hold and fragrance, we started making small batches - firstly for our friends...then for their friends. Now we ship to every corner of Australia and New Zealand.

And we still don't use artificial ingredients.

It turns out that people really like the simplicity and purity of those simple oil-based styling waxes and beard oils. 

Our clients like the look and hold that hair waxes provide. Clients with skin and hair conditions often tell us that our waxes are the only hair styling product that they can use. Oil beard oils use argan oil and those same subtle natural fragrances. 

We still make every product by hand - with the care that comes from making something that we use ourselves every day. 

Grown men and women - deserve better. That's what we make.