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When it comes to hair waxes and beard oils and balms, we think old-school works. 

We Three Kings makes natural, hand-made beeswax-based hair waxes, beard oils and body products for men who have walked the planet for long enough to have high expectations and know what works for them. When it comes to simple, stylish, easy-to-use hair products, change is not always progress - sometimes it requires a step back. 

We have done just that by reinventing the natural styles of hair products that were popular a quarter of a century ago. We made them because we liked them, and we use them ourselves - every day.

We think you'll like them too.

Our waxes are clean, masculine beeswax-based hair waxes, and our beard products are created by hand from natural bases and essential oils. Our fragrances speak quietly and reverently of timeless oils, aged resins and hard-won experience. Our fragrances are based on essential oil blends that are intriguing and distinctive without being overt. Our hair waxes can also be combined to create different blends that make a uniquely personal statement.  

If you are new to wax-based hair products, welcome. Waxes are completely unlike the chemical mixes you might be using now. They take a bit of getting used to, but they have a number of benefits - including a list of ingredients that contain real words that you can readily recognize instead of letters and numbers.

For those with greying hair, wax-based hair products can make hair look darker. Something to think about.

If you are new to wax-based products, check out our how-to-use guide so you know what to expect and how to get the best from your products or jump right in and explore our range of waxes.