Warm Vanilla Gentlemen's Hair Styling Wax



Product Details

This is a beautifully simple, warm fragrance. The vanilla and the subtle honey-like qualities of our natural beeswax mix to create a scent that has a very fine vanilla tone with hints of honey. The aroma works all year round and is simple, warm and very pleasant to be around. 

Like all of our beeswax-based hair styling waxes, it offers firm pomade-like hold, as well as a great feel and styling that you can comb through the day. 


Natural beeswax, refined coconut oil, argan oil and extracted natural vanilla essential oils. 50gm

Important note:
Although all of our products are tested (extensively) on ourselves, it's always a good idea to apply a test application initially. In the unlikely event of a reaction, please discontinue use immediately and seek the advice of your health professional. Be sure to keep the container free of moisture. Find out more about how to get the best results from your hair wax.