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Seven steps to great hair wax results

Posted on November 29 2017

Seven steps to great hair wax results

Wax-based hair products have a different feel to their chemical-based cousins. Like a classic car, they take a bit of getting used to, but the effort is definitely worth it.

Here are some simple tips to help you get great results from your hair waxes.

  1. Apply to damp hair – if your hair isn’t damp its worth dampening it down a little as this will make it easier to style. If, like me, you have quietly shifted from black to grey, a handy side benefit of applying the wax to damp hair is that this often gives a slightly darker tone to your hair.
  2. carve out a small amount - open the jar and carve out a ball of product a bit larger than a pea
  3. Roll the wax into a ball between your palms
  4. Warm up the wax - Gently squish the ball between your palms and rub your palms together to warm the wax. As the wax warms, it will start to spread easily and will take on a consistency more like a paste.
  5. Keep going until the paste is lump-free. This takes almost no time in warmer months but can take a bit longer in colder climates/seasons as the wax is colder to start with. The wax will smoothly coat both palms.
  6. Move it through your hair - Apply to the ends of your hair first, and then run your fingers through your hair from scalp to the ends to get coverage. I find that it works best to work from the back to the front. The firm-hold wax is strong enough to make your hair literally stand on end. Handy for those David Lynch occasions.
  7. Style - Brush, comb or otherwise style as you would normally

If you want to define a hard part, accentuate an undercut or somehow otherwise draw out a feature, just warm a small (thumbnail size) ball of wax between your fingertips and apply to those areas.

A few things to note:

Start small – it's better to start with the smaller quantity mentioned above and work up. That way you will be able to work out exactly how much wax you need to get the effect you are after. Even though our products are all natural, it still pays to only use the minimum required to get the style you want. This will also make it easier to wash out and reduce the possibility of unnecessary build up. 

Hair build up – The wax combinations that we use are designed to wash out with each wash. However, if you apply the wax more than once between washes the wax will inevitably build up. This won’t do your hair any harm but might end up looking slightly oily.  A double-wash with a cleansing (not a conditioning) shampoo is normally enough to bring your hair back to its shiny, fluffy glory. Note that this is especially important in areas with hard water quality. The same applies to beards if you are using our wax-based beard balms.

Brushes and combs - the wax base is great for hold but can make brushes slightly tacky over time - in the same way that hair sprays do. This is easily fixed by soaking brushes or combs in warm soapy water every now and then.




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