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Six steps to using a beard oil

Posted on December 01 2017

Six steps to using a beard oil

Beard oils can save your beard. Anyone who has tried to grow a beard, or has attempted any level of intimacy with a bearded person, knows how incredibly scratchy and itchy new beards are.

The answer is beard oil.

A good beard oil is a blend of oils that soften beard hair, help soothe the constant itch - especially with fledgeling beards, and makes it smell great at the same time. But beard oils do much more than that.

Rubbing the oil into the beard and onto the skin beneath the bearded area conditions the skin and helps prevent flaking. This flaking under a beard presents as a rather unpleasant sort of "beardruff".  It can take the edge off an otherwise sharp beard and doesn't do much for dark clothing either.

Oiling can take a while to kick in. While in many cases, regular daily oiling can lessen the itching almost immediately, the actual softening of beard hair can take a bit longer.  The general consensus is that the softening process takes around 12 weeks of diligent daily oiling to take full effect.

Our personal experience has been that the profound relief that comes from conditioning the skin is a benefit in itself and makes the process easy to continue over time. 

Here's how it works...

  1. Open the bottle and remove the dripper
  2. Half fill the dripper with oil and empty this into the palm of your hand 
  3. Spread the oil across the palms of both hands. If you have time, keep your palms together for a few seconds to warm the oil a bit. This makes it easier for the hair to absorb and also brings out the fragrance 
  4. Rub into the hair of your beard, making sure to get into the hair and also to get some coverage of the skin beneath
  5. If you have time, drip a small amount into your palm and rub a light coating over the surface of your beard to give it a slight gloss. The oil mix is designed to absorb quickly into your hair so this gloss will quickly settle as a very slight shine
  6. (optional) Rub the balance over the back of your hands so you enjoy the fragrance and condition the skin on your hands at the same time.
No beard? No problem. Some of our clients use our beard oils on their clipper cut hairstyles to soften the stubble and condition the skin with a great masculine fragrance.  

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